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About Us

Cnpetstar, star of China's pet! Pet brand, brand in China. Thank you for your choose and buy Cnpetstar brand series of pet products! Changshu ChangShun pet products factory is located in changshu, jiangsu province, east of Shanghai. In the south of zhejiang, with very convenient transportation, logistics.

Our factory was founded in 2001, has been more than a decade of harness and pet supplies professional production experience, our factory produced a series of harness and pet products such as collar, traction belt, pet chest, auto pet belt, dog mouth set back, folding dog bowl, harness, horse cage set, etc., adopt high quality imported nylon yarn and environmental hardware fasteners, exquisite workmanship, stable quality. Can undertake printing, jacquard, embroidery, embroidery at the same time, reflective, weaving and other different process of production and processing, can also according to the guests to figure, samples or design for OEM. Our factory products 100% export, are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, the Czech republic, Sweden, South Africa, etc., with wal-mart, Target, Japan's big gen, Thedog, Wouapy, snoopy, Disney and other international brand customers have a good cooperation.

Our factory pay attention to product quality and production process improvement, the existing computer prototype, set of knot machine, computer cutting machine, laser engraving machine, automatic printing machine, computer fumo machine and other advanced high-tech production equipment more than 20 sets, in charge of production, high quality inspection personnel's elaborate production process control, product exquisite workmanship, stable quality, punctual delivery, good service, is the ideal choice for your pet supplies production cooperation factory! Our factory principle, heavy credibility, welcome customers at home and abroad to establish long-term, good, sincere cooperation, seek common development cause, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality products and service for you!

Home About Us Pet collar Dog leash Dog harness Dog clothes Dog bed Contact Us

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